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Support the College of Allied Health Professions Innovation Fund

Lately, the College of Allied Health Professions Innovation Fund has supported:

  • engagement both internal to the college and with community constituents. As documented in a campuswide engagement survey, CAHP employees reported significantly higher engagement than the campus at large and the industry average.
  • recruitment for two faculty positions. As the college competes for the most talented individuals across the country, shining a light on all Nebraska and UNMC have to offer is essential.
  • the people and programs of the UNMC Alumni Association.

Give directly to this fund

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When you make a gift to the University of Nebraska Foundation you can trust that it will be used in the way in which it was intended. That’s a promise we’ve kept with our donors since our organization was founded in 1936.

"The CAHP Innovation Fund is an incredible resource for the college. Your gifts allow us to advance the college and engage our faculty and students. Thank you to everyone who supported us through the Innovation Fund.​"

– Kyle P. Meyer, Ph.D. Dean, College of Allied Health Professions