Passion and Career Converge at UNMC

Due to reliable and trusting support from donors, Klein was able to pursue a future where her career and passion align.

During her first two years at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, Abbey Klein held two jobs alongside her full schedule of classes. A challenging period such as this underscores the sacrifices she made to pursue her education, highlighting the toll it can exact. “When you burn the candle at both ends in your education and complete it, it’s like, what’s left?” she explained. “If your tank is empty, how can you go out into the world and become an impactful health leader?” 

Like many others, Klein confronted these questions as she pursued her educational aspirations. Her academic program emphasized the importance of maintaining a balance between personal well-being and academic pursuits for future leaders in the health care field. 

“Paying for school is challenging, and it becomes even more so when you have additional financial obligations like a house or children,” she continued. “When I received funding from scholarships and grants, specifically from donors, it truly made those things possible.” 

Today, Klein is paying it forward. 

“One of my passions is teaching; I love seeing new students — their passion is so invigorating, and being constantly surrounded by that is something that keeps me going,” says the now assistant professor in the College of Nursing. 

In conjunction with educating the next generation of nurses, Klein is also a researcher for the College of Nursing. “I’m really excited to continue my research, which focuses on pelvic floor disorders in women,” she explained. “I am deeply committed to finding ways, within the community setting, to empower women to attain their optimal health.” 

Due to reliable and trusting support from donors, Klein was able to pursue a future where her career and passion align. 

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