Celebrating Our UNMC College of Nursing Students

May 6th through the 12th is the yearly celebration of nurses during Nurse’s Week. The past year has been an extremely trying time for nurses and frontline workers across the country but it’s a perfect time to highlight the education and preparedness the UNMC College of Nursing students receive that prepares them for moments like this. Because of these, we sought to give a few students the opportunity to speak to why this past year has solidified their reasoning to pursue this career path and the responses were nothing more than inspiring.

Brittney DeWald – College of Nursing Northern Division in Norfolk

“The COVID-19 pandemic has reassured me that I have chosen the right career path to serve my community and the public. Nursing is positioned on the front line of patient care and nurses are vital to effect change and improve health care. I never anticipated going through nursing school during a pandemic, but I feel confident that my extensive training at UNMC has prepared me to be successful in my nursing occupation. Ultimately, I aspire to promote patient safety and foster a positive environment in the populations I will be serving with integrity, discipline, and drive.”

Corri Slagle – College of Nursing Kearney Division

“This past year has strengthened my commitment to becoming a nurse because nurses were the ones with boots on the ground as the COVID-19 pandemic swept the world with fear. Nurses were the ones holding patients’ hands as they were alone in the fight of their life, and nurses in all capacities stepped up and adapted how we took care of individual patients to keep everyone safe. Seeing the impact of nursing this year has inspired me as I work towards earning my BSN”

Lindsay Kracman – College of Nursing Lincoln Division

“After continuously seeing the devastation of COVID-19 this past year, my desire to become a nurse has strengthened tenfold. I studied harder than I ever had and made sure there would be nothing standing in the way of me walking the stage to get my BSN. I’d see healthcare workers on the news caring for the sick & knew that I needed to finish strong so I could get out there and help as soon as possible. I am thankful for UNMC College of Nursing – Lincoln for providing me the tools to reach this point.”

Sarah Harrison – College of Nursing Omaha Division

“I’ve wanted to be a nurse since I can remember. My biggest fear entering nursing school was that I would come to realize I didn’t like it or wasn’t cut out for the profession. Man could I have not been more wrong! This year has proven to me that nursing is where I belong and what I’m actually good at! I grew so much more confident in myself and my abilities through my clinical experiences and am no longer fearful, but excited to start my last year of school at UNMC.”

Sopha Kimberly Kongmanyvong – College of Nursing Lincoln Division

“Although everything was shutting down around me because of the COVID-19 pandemic, my passion and desire to become a nurse was only amplified. It definitely strengthened my resilience too. I had the pleasure to care for a couple of COVID patients during my critical care rotation. I have seen full recovery and families experience tremendous loss. It reminded me of how being a part of someone’s life during his or her most vulnerable time is something so special. Given the difficult circumstances with the past year, I would still choose nursing in a heartbeat.”

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